Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DIY Stamped Lavender Sachets for Wedding Favors

As part of our wedding favor packages, we put together lavender sachets. I loved making these -- my home office (aka Wedding Central) smelled like lavender for a month! Hopefully, the sachets are making our guests' homes smell good right now.

1. Get some muslin bags.
I've found that cotton muslin bags work better than the organza bags you traditionally see with wedding favors. The small dust-size bits of lavender mixed in with your dried buds will get through the organza when you put it in a drawer, leaving it all over your clothes!
I bought the smallest muslin bags I could find (2 3/4" x 4") to fit into my favor boxes from Mountain Rose Herbs. The quality of the stitching and size of the bags varied a lot in the batch I got, so I'm glad I ordered extra.

2. Get a pretty stamp or two
I designed a quick "thank you" stamp and had it made by I was very impressed by the quality of their art-mounted wood stamps. The stamps are really crisp, and the design is laser-engraved on the top wooden part.

Don't forget ink! I bought an Archival Ink Jumbo Pad because it was the only stamp pad I could find that was big enough to fit my stamp.  You may be able to find additional colors at KMart or Linens N Things.

I found a few lavender-related stamps online, but most of them looked too small and intricate to stamp onto a rough fabric like muslin. I tried this one from Ellen Hutson on my muslin bags, but it looked more like a bunch of wheat than lavender since I didn't ink it in different colors.

You could also simply stamp your initials or a short message on the bags in your wedding colors, like this wedding from Elizabeth Anne Designs. See the "j+f" on the bags?

Alphabet stamp sets come in all kinds of fonts, from typewriter to artsy to scripty.

3. Get some dried lavender buds
There are tons of places online that sell dried lavender in bulk. I chose a local farm with free shipping, Imagine Lavender Farm. I ended up buying way way way too much lavender, since I didn't have a good idea of what a pound of dried lavender looks like. This is a two pound bag:

Once you have the materials, get to stamping and filling! Make sure to tie the bags tightly to prevent any buds from spilling out.

Some other DIY sachet tutorials


  1. Storing the lavender in these cute muslin bags will make for great gifts. And thanks for all the ideas of making the bags more attractive.

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  4. I'm from LC too! We made these for my sister's baby shower over Labor Day. They were a huge hit with all the ladies. Thanks for the idea.

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  6. What size stamp did you order?

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